Friday, 9:30am AEDT

9th October 2020



The Must See Webinar With Alicia Asín, Global IoT Pioneer and Libelium CEO


Getting Smart on Site with IoT & Smart Environmental Monitoring

What changes do cities really need to make in the post COVID-19 era?

Join us in this must-see webinar with Libelium’s global CEO, Alicia Asín. A global pioneer in IoT, as we unpack how cities can really leverage technology to support a rapidly changing way people will interact with the built environment. 

We’ll be covering off both design and construction components in the session, providing an ideal launchpad for town planners, architects and builders looking to deepen their knowledge around how technology can support best practice cities, built for the future. 

• How you can guarantee safer spaces 

• Pollution control and social distancing

• Adapting to the mobility of the local population

• Traffic control, parking spaces and new methods for personal transport

• Water and waste management

• Noise, pollution and water spill management during construction

• Promotion of intelligent buildings to boost the sale of new construction

• Open spaces in urbanizations with green and healthy areas

• Safe and sustainable energy facilities

Guaranteeing safer spaces, supporting social distancing, adapting to the way citizens move around. These are all huge issues facing planning professionals worldwide. Smart Environmental Monitoring Technology has the answers.


What You'll Learn

How to Develop Safer, Cleaner Cities

How to Generate New Revenue Streams for Your City 

How Technology Can Support Your Brief

Whether you work for your local City Councils smart City Division, in construction or project management, are a compliance professional or an IT integrator or platform provider for local councils and construction, this webinar will provide you will invaluable information helping you take a step in the right direction.

Special Offer Worth $500!

Register & attend to get FREE ACCESS to Libeliums 'Design and Architecture of IoT solutions' course valued at $500 - when you register and attend the webinar!


Webinar Speakers

Alicia Asín

CEO & Co-Founder

Alicia Asín is CEO and co-founder of Libelium, a Spanish IT company that designs and manufactures technology for IoT applications. Alicia is a computer engineer focused on how the IoT can change our world and improve companies' competitiveness and citizens' quality of life. Libelium's technology is present in more than 120 countries worldwide, developing projects to monitor and improve efficiency in agricultural crops, with environmental control systems to prevent climate change, and any application such as water management, parking control and industrial environment. She is a frequent speaker at international conferences on issues related to Smart Cities, the Democracy of the IoT based on the big data and the importance of security and privacy in the new IoT era. "Since we entered the age of information and telecommunications in the 70's we had not seen anything similar to the Internet of Things in terms of its potential impact on process change and power to create a new business ecosystem. The IoT is more than a new generation of the Internet, it is the next technological revolution —horizontal and global— in which we will finally see the digital and physical world blended," Alicia Asin says. Alicia has been awarded for her entrepreneurial merits and technological innovation: she began being recognized with the highest distinction for her research in Computer Architecture (WCAE 2007, San Diego). She was also the first Spanish woman to receive the National Young Entrepreneurs Award in 2014. In 2015, Marca España recognized her as "Spanish with Talent”, leading the worldwide campaign for the international diffusion of the prestige of the country along with figures such as the singer Alejandro Sanz. In 2016, she was awarded with the National Computer Science Prize for her career, progression and internationalization of her company. A few months later, the business association CEPYME awarded Libelium as international company that exports the 90% of its annual turnover. In 2017, Alicia Asín received the Award “Rey Jaime I” fom His Majesty the King and Queen of Spain, the highest distinction for scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs. In 2018, the CEO of Libelium was recognized with the "silver medal" of the Women Innovators Award by the European Commission. In 2019 she was selected by Forbes magazine in the international ranking "top 100 most creative people in business". Alicia holds a master’s degree in computer engineering from the Polytechnic Center of the University of Zaragoza and is a graduate of the Cambridge Judge Business School and ESADE. Alicia is mother of two girls.

Daryl Chambers

 M2M Connectivity,

Prior to establishing M2M Connectivity/M2M One Daryl worked for 10 years at Ericsson in a number of roles including management of Ericsson’s Mobile Phones division in Australia and director of Ericsson’s global satellite phone business. Daryl was a founding owner of M2M Connectivity, established in 2002 as a value-added distributor of cellular M2M components into Australia and New Zealand.

In January 2020 Sierra Wireless acquired the business and Daryl now works on strategy within Sierra Wireless, looking to expand opportunities in Australia and the region.

The company today sells and supports cellular, LPWAN, satellite and short-range RF at hardware from modules and chipsets through to finished routers and modems. Alongside the hardware the business also provides design services to the M2M / IoT market and a range of value added M2M services including tailored M2M/IoT data plans, IP services (VPN, static IP…), support for cloud and IOT platforms and managed services for critical communications.

Daniel Sacchero

Easyweb Digital,

Business Manager

Daniel Sacchero is a veteran of the ICT industry, with over 30 years experience in technical and sales positions. Through his career,  he has worked for small, medium and large organisations. For the last five years he has been leading the Easyweb work in the Smart Cities sector across Australia. He is an avid reader, a keen photographer and enjoys music and the outdoors.

He loves soccer and keeps fit by riding bikes and bushwalking. 

Stuart Corner


IOT Industry Journalist

Stuart Corner reports and comments on the rapidly developing Internet of Things market. He operates — the first news site in Australia dedicated to the rapidly growing Internet of Things market and contributes to a number of regional IT news publications.

He has been reporting, analysing and commenting on developments in information technology and telecommunications for more than 35 years.

For more than 20 years he edited and published subscription newsletters covering telecommunications policy, industry and technology developments in Asia Pacific.

Special Offer Worth $500!

Register & attend to get FREE ACCESS to Libeliums 'Design and Architecture of IoT solutions' course valued at $500 - when you register and attend the webinar!


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9th October 2020

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